AP24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

Everyone wants to have white teeth, and no one will argue with me. Though white is not the natural color, whitening toothpastes are always in demand. I am even guilty of such bandwagon. Having white teeth gives self-confidence in greeting anyone with a bright smile! Also, it seems like you practice proper dental hygiene and healthy living. I have tried the commercial brands for whitening, but it appeared that they were just a gimmick. One time when browsing on Facebook, my news feed got slightly flooded by this certain toothpaste that is guaranteed to give a pearly set of whites. Thus, I got the interest to try AP24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste:


Nu Skin is the exclusive and authorized distributor of AP24. It is actually known as a multi-level marketing company that provides premier skin care and nutrition products. Given that its products are not present in offline stores, I got curious with the strong claims of how effective its products are. Through research (yes, my friends know how I love to google haha), it got me the appeal to try its whitening toothpaste.

18052280_1509805522372253_1338755521_oAP24 claims that it brightens and whitens teeth while fighting plaque formation which sounds too ideal. It contains a special formula with no harmful peroxides. If you are not familiar yet, peroxide is being used in bleaching. For a coffee addict, it removes stains to make your teeth extra radiant *wink*. And while it polishes your choppers, it prevents them from cavities. As a typical toothpaste, it gives a long-lasting fresh breath and clean mouth. It is also safe to be used by kids as long as they use a pea-sized amount only. That is pretty much a common standard with such product. As you can see from the list of ingredients, it has Sodium Monofluorophosphate. Just to give you a background, this chemical “salt” is used in toothpastes to protect tooth enamel from bacteria. This is recognized by the FDA, so no need to fret!

By the way, you need to twist the cap first to remove the somewhat foil cover. As what I have noticed, most commercial brands do not have this seal. The toothpaste comes off in a usual opaque white color. Also, there is only one size available which is 110 g.18083821_1509805519038920_1653350262_o

I have used this toothpaste for a month brushing three times a day. I will go ahead and say, I did not see any difference on my teeth when it comes to whitening. If you really want to have ivories, whitening strips and laser are the ways to go. Do not expect too much from whitening toothpastes in general. Such can be a maintenance, but still far-fetched. Well, my teeth are not that yellowish to begin with, so nothing drastic happened I suppose. Besides, I always make sure to get a doze of caffeine in the morning, so it is inevitable for me to get my teeth stained. Having white teeth actually still depends on your lifestyle and genetics. That is why, perhaps, I cannot consider my teeth yet as pearly whites. When it comes to brushing, it does not foam even though the bristles were full with the product. However, if you are wondering about the sensation after brushing, it produces grating sounds when you grind your top and bottom set of teeth across each other. That makes me cringe!


When I finished the tube, I did not repurchase. It may be an average sustenance, but I would rather buy a hygiene product in an accessible store. I am still exploring other whitening toothpastes that I can be satisfied with. Instead of claiming it for whitening, just consider AP24 as anti-plaque 24 hours a day.

I bought the product online on Shopee. Cost: PHP 300 (USD 6.03)https://shopee.ph/


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