Nature’s Gate Shampoo

As much as possible, I want to use hair products that are considered organic. My hair is chemically exhausted already from coloring for ten years now. I am not really particular in taking good care of my crowning glory like getting a hot oil or treatment once in a while, hence the damage it endured *pity*. I actually thought that my mom made a compliment when she teased me that I have a doll’s hair, but it came off as otherwise because my strands seemed synthetic haha. Therefore, I checked products out that are sulfate-free and ended up buying Nature’s Gate Shampoo:


Nature’s Gate is a go-to brand when you are not into using artificial chemicals. Its products are safe to use regularly for your health and beauty care routine. It has ingredients that are natural yet resourceful coming from Mother Nature. Well, the brand has been keeping up to its name since 1972, so it surely tells us something!

This brand is mostly well-known for its hair care. In searching for organic shampoos, I make sure that the product I would be using is sulfate-free. Why? Shampoos that have sulfate often clean out too much of the hair’s essentials such as natural oils, that is why they dry the strands out easily. Not to mention, they make hair follicles brittle which causes hair fall. I guess sulfate is being used as an ingredient because it is an effective foaming agent yet inexpensive. Also, given that I have a colored hair, a sulfate-free shampoo will moisturize it better as the other takes off the pigmentation. Besides, I have 17797850_1495374283815377_331850526_oa sensitive scalp, so I need to avoid chemicals that can irritate or inflame it. Non-GMO means non-genetically modified organisms which simply put again, being organic or “vegan” for easier understanding. How can this be any healthier to use, right?

Nature’s Gate has a wide selection for hair concerns. I decided to get the “Enriching” one for its biotin, bamboo and pro-vitamin B5 elements. What got my attention the most is the biotin for hair growth to make my hair thick and strong again. It also adds more body to my hair. I get frustrated how flat it looks! This product is nutrient-rich for thin damaged hair. For the complete variety of its shampoos and conditioners, you may check this page: Nature’s Gate – Hair Care

There is a lot of chemically sounded components in the ingredients list, but I assume that is just how they formulate shampoos to come as they are LOL. By the way, its size is 532 mL which will definitely last for months! With its size and the major attributes I mentioned, this is what I considered the cheapest sulfate-free shampoo in the market.17837394_1495374303815375_841967269_oVegan. Non-GMO. Paraben free. Gluten free. Soy free. Cruelty free. No sulfates. No Phthalates, Butylene Glycol and artificial colors. All raw materials in the formula are free of genetically modified organisms.

Since it lacks sulfate, it is not that foamy. And so, it is okay to be generous with the amount you are going to massage your hair and scalp to have that clean feeling. Take your time to work into it, then rinse thoroughly. You may get a sticky and clumpy sensation of your strands afterwards. This is its way to detoxify your hair from switching to natural hair care. In my case, it will take a while to experience this adjustment period because of all the chemical residues that I need to wash away from using commercial shampoos hhmmm. And I am telling you, I will never go back! For now, I am only using this shampoo. But if you are bothered by this transition, you may follow the rinse with a conditioner – better if it is organic too. You can do this regularly, but do not let the product get in your eyes as this still does not have a “no tears” formula. Its liquid consistency is quite rich just like the others. Again, it has no artificial colors, but it gives off a yellowish color.17837827_1495374273815378_1613257120_o    (See how my hair strands look like up close. It seems like a doll’s, but not in a good way)

I have only been using this shampoo for five days now, but I am liking it already! My scalp has not been itchy nor oily ever since. Hair fall was starting to lessen, and it was pretty evident in my brush. Though I still need to be patient brushing my hair during my adjustment period from switching as it gets too tangled. I am just satisfied that my hair feels clean and lightweight afterwards every time I use it. It is also not drying, but I still need to condition to enhance its silky shine. My next hunt will be a conditioner *wink*. Overall, I will recommend this product. However, I am just getting myself into organic hair care, so I still want to explore other natural essentials. Experience wholistic beauty by going green!

I bought the product at Healthy Options, Unit IE12-IE13, Building/Block 5, 933 Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila 1634, Philippines. Cost: PHP 259 (USD 5.20)


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