Lits Wistea Body Milk Moisture Rich

With someone who has dry skin *cough.. yours truly.. cough*, moisturizers are a necessity. Hydrating your skin is the key to prevent early aging and bring back that baby smooth softness. Make sure that your body lotion is being absorbed and nourished by the supposedly supple exterior. If you want to get rid of that over-dried feeling, try Lits Wistea Body Milk Moisture Rich:


Lits Wistea is a skincare brand from Japan that caters to anti-aging. This body lotion gives a milky texture that keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day. It shows that glow and gentleness that one must have! Another benefit you will expect from this product is its lightweight quality. It is also requisite to mention that it is Paraben-free meaning, it is organic. The beauty essence it has contributes to the radiance you are longing for.

17499597_1480929445259861_1482971391_oThe back part is all in Japanese characters! I was actually searching online if there is an English translation, but I found none. Its size is 250 mL that is good to last for a long time even with regular use. The fragrance variant that I got is Sweet Cherie. It is supposed to have a sweet fruity scent, but it only possesses like 20% of it. Most of its strength is coming from a powdery smell like any typical lotion. Other variants include Peony FleurFeminine Musk and White Bouquet.

For its consistency, it has a refreshing watery emulsion formula that does not give a stickiness after feel. This non-greasy thick fluid turns dull and ashy parts of your body into a luminous vision.

Here is to show you the side and top parts of the bottle. The product delivers its kind in a translucent plastic bottle that underrates its simplicity.

Just like any body lotion, this one has low viscosity. Only a light squeeze is enough for the pressure needed. And so, I lightly squeezed the bottle twice for demo. As you can see, the amount is quite more than enough just for the back of one hand. Hence, the shiny outcome. A dime-sized amount is just right for the application on one arm. At first, you will experience a cooling sensation that feels watery. As you go on massaging the lotion onto your skin, it will become sticky, but it only means that it is starting to do its work to moisturize. Afterwards, you may feel a soft, bouncy and supple effect.

This body lotion has nothing special to offer among others though. It has qualities like any other lotion which is to moisturize at its best. To identify it distinctly, I believe I cannot give anything in particular. It does give you a smooth finish, and the staying power lasts all day. But for someone who has dry skin like me, this should suffice. This will still keep you hydrated and glowing.

By the way, I saw some organic ingredients in English that this product has! These include licorice root extract, olive leaf extract, soybean seed extract, placenta extract, Asian ginseng root extract, marjoram leaves extract, wild thyme extract, shea butter and jojoba seed oil among the other chemically sounded components.

I got the product as a gift. You can buy it online on eBay. Cost: PHP 1,292.83 (USD 25.73)


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