L’Occitane Shea Butter Cleansing Oil

Double cleansing has become a standard step to begin a skincare routine. It starts off usually with a cleansing oil. This method dissolves the oil along with the impurities that are stuck in the pores. It is also a satisfying way to remove makeup. For such, I decided to use the L’Occitane Shea Butter Cleansing Oil:


This cleansing oil presents natural beauty! Its consistency does not have that feeling like a typical oil texture when you rub it onto your skin. It is velvety and lightweight. Once you apply it on your face, you can already feel that it does its work in removing impurities and makeup easily in case you are wearing such. Even the most stubborn and waterproof makeup has no escape from it. You tend to massage your face with it not because your makeup is hard to remove, but the relaxing feeling makes you continue on doing it.17408320_1475192755833530_1073127558_o

Branding up close: Before I took product shots, I already hit the pump just once because I could not help it! I was too excited to try it. Though it only dispensed a minimal amount, the bottle is not completely full at first hand. Its size is 200 mL that is good enough for a cheaper price compared to other high-end brands.

One of the unique ingredients it has is shea butter (5%). This particular oil  nourishes and protects any skin type – may it be oily, dry or sensitive. It has healing properties that prevent you from producing blemishes and skin damage. Some cleansing oils may contain mineral oil that is, somehow, harsh on the skin especially when used regularly. With shea being organic, it is certified that your skin is moisturized and safe from using this cleansing oil.  In the ingredients enumerated, sunflower seed oil is the first on the list followed by chemically sounded components, and shea butter comes fifth.

Here is to show you the side and bottom parts of the bottle. The oil gives off a clear yellow color.

The back part is the most interesting! When I bought it, I thought that the packaging is damaged because of the tiny air bubbles on the sticker label. And so, I checked the other stock on display. It turned out that it is just a design! Actually, it gave me a thought that the product is refreshing to use. It is indeed! Look at how orderly yet creative the “bubbles” are positioned:  17408018_1475192772500195_616611012_o

The pump can be locked if you are not using it to avoid possible spill. There is a label where to twist – stop or open:17408453_1475192692500203_1528746100_o

I pumped twice, but not that liberate because I might use too much of the product for demo. Just for a heads up, the pump is quite hard to control though for your desired amount. You have to pump gently! One pump is good enough for the whole face, but if you are wearing heavy coverage and waterproof makeup, two pumps should do. By the way, that is a mole on my skin, not dirt. The effect became too shiny because of lighting. No worries as you will rinse it off afterwards, anyway.

Once you wet your skin, the oil transforms into a gentle emulsion. It is not a typical oil wherein such does not dissolve in water. That is how the cleansing oil differs from it. This is to hydrate the skin naturally.

When I used it, I massaged my face for almost five minutes because it gave off a spa feeling. Even when I damp my palms and the product emulsified on my skin, I still went on for another five minutes. Swear, it was THAT relaxing! Finally, I rinsed it off with clear water followed by my foaming cleanser. Actually, your skin feels clean and supple even without using a facial wash afterwards. Still, your face will appear fresh and glowing!

Some pointers to expect though. When you are removing liquid lipsticks, especially those that are heavily pigmented, wipe the oil off on your lips first using either cotton pad or tissue. If not, the smudged lipstick will spread all over your face if you continue on rubbing. Swear, I looked like a deranged clown when I removed my ColourPop Wild Nothing Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick for the first time using this cleansing oil. It goes the same way as when you are wearing full eye makeup. When removing eye makeup, be gentle in rubbing your eyes as the oil tends to blur your eyesight if you get some in them – and that is based on experience. But I guarantee, it is still safe! The blurriness is temporary, and you can just wash it away if so. The cleansing oil is tested under dermatological and ophthalmological supervision. It is also non-comedogenic.

I am highly recommending this product. I have dry skin type, and it does not make my skin tight afterwards… also, no breakouts! This is such an underrated cleansing oil.

By the way, I told the cashier that the cleansing oil is a gift (for me haha). There is no box that came with it, so she prepared this endearing package instead:17407938_1475192695833536_652579499_o

I bought the product at L’OCCITANE en Provence, Bonifacio High Street, 5th Ave. corner 30th St., LG/F Central Square Taguig, Metro Manila 1634, Philippines. Cost: PHP 1,350 (USD 27)http://ph.loccitane.com/


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